There are many reasons why you should use a professional carpet cleaning company. Your carpet is in use 24/7 even when you are not walking on them your carpets still collect and lock in dust bacteria & other allergens that are in the air. The work we do ensures you have not only the cleanest carpets possible but also the healthiest

Even if you vacuum your carpet every day it is impossible to get right down into the pile to remove everything. We use the Hot Water Extraction method (steam cleaning) as a standard process on the majority of carpets. We may also use encapsulation cleaning methods on commercial grade carpet for even faster drying times, where required.

When we arrive at your location and prior to cleaning, our technician will perform a thorough inspection to determine the best method required to properly clean your type of carpet. Problem areas in the carpet may receive pre-spot cleaning prior to starting the full carpet cleaning process.

  • Vacuuming – to remove as much loose debris as possible from the carpet prior to cleaning

  • Pre-spray – The right mix of products to break down dirt and soils in the carpet pile prior to cleaning

  • Steam cleaning  – Extraction of the broken down grime

  • Spot cleaning treatment

  • Sanitising and deodorising

  • Fibreguard Protection – Assists with preventing ongoing soiling and is at the customers request


During the process our carpet cleaners will move through the carpeted areas with care and to ensure all surfaces are covered and cleaned for complete uniformity. It is this level of experience and knowledge of textiles and cleaning methods that affords our team the confidence and ability to provide some of the best quality services to our customers.


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Our Carpet Cleaning Process